Meet the Members

Marilyn Scarbrough
From a humble invite from Carol Watkins in the late eighties, Marilyn has been an enthusiastic member of the German Wine Society ever since. "I found GWS members diverse, interesting, and conversation flowed along with the excellent wines." She coos. 
On and off, and on again, for a total of about six years, Marilyn has contributed her time and energy as a member of the board.  She has worked tirelessly managing membership and planning events.
Her favorite wines are Rieslings, but not the dry ones.
From Marilyn: "I think the Oktoberfest has been a good event for us and one I particularly enjoy.  Over the years I have tried to help out in any way I could; I did two surveys of our membership and often take care of the food for events.  More recently I have taken on the dubious position of Chief Nag.  It is not my favorite responsibility - but someone has to do it!"